Hospice Holiday

The email was straight to the point, suggesting that the writer did not have the inclination to waste time on pleasantries. “I’m dying and I’ve never been to Hawaii”, it read. “I want you to take me and my family over there next month.”

Our company provides staff and planning services to support our guests on holiday. Our clients are typically family caregivers who need a vacation but don’t want to leave their loved-one behind. Lately however, we’ve had more inquiries from folks who are near the end of life, usually in hospice, and they want to take one final holiday with their family.

Individuals in hospice are generally past the point of medical intervention for curative or life-prolonging purposes.  Accepting that death is near is a very difficult part of life. I have seen many families work thorough Kübler-Ross’ “five stages of grief” and each face their mortality differently. While some people simply want to hunker down with family in a familiar setting, others want to ensure that certain goals that they had in life do not go unmet.

For those people who are near the end of life who have travel-related items left on their bucket-list, we can help. Our team members are Registered Nurses, many with hospice experience, who can ensure continuity in pain management and who can assist with personal care, mobility and much more. Our clients tell us that they sought our services because they want every family member to be free to enjoy their last holiday to the fullest.

We are very happy to help guests enjoy a hospice holiday and to make memories that will pass down through the generations.

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