Corie Dean- Photo

We are excited to welcome Corie Dean to our team at! Corie worked with us as an intern during her final semester of a Masters of Science in Gerontology degree and we are thrilled to have her now as a Project Manager. Corie is working on some innovative new programs to help more guests benefit from supported travel and vacation. Keep posted for some exciting announcements coming from!

Corie Dean, a native of the Washington, DC area, is a creative and detail-oriented Project Coordinator with five years experience in domestic and international hospitality, travel and relocation service industries. Corie recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Masters of Science in Gerontology and has a background in Interior Merchandising from Oklahoma State. She is excited to be a part of the Assisted Vacation team as she is passionate about combining her love for travel with her love of elder care. Corie is particularly inspired by the idea of exploring optimal aging through a creative lens; she is eager to make traveling a reality for older adults. Her other interests include riding her bike (at a leisurely pace), throwing dinner parties, and checking out new restaurants and bakeries that have landed in Richmond (her new stomping ground).

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