murrels inlet

Sandra and Dennis were some of our first Assisted Vacation guests. They contacted us because they were having a family reunion at the beach and Dennis required some support to make the trip safe and enjoyable. We had a blast on that trip to the South Carolina shore and grew quite fond of the couple.

Dennis, a retired engineer and Sandra, a retired school teacher, were great fun to be with and their passion for seafood meant that our staff ate very well too! We took subsequent trips with the couple and developed a pleasant friendship as we often do with our guests. At home, Sandra was a dedicated and loving caregiver to Dennis and he, in turn, was grateful for her support. On holiday, she was able to take a break from her duties and he enjoyed activities with our Assisted Vacation team members.

Dennis recently passed on after many years of living with physical limitations. We mourn the loss of Dennis from our AV community but we are thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know him and spend time on adventures, despite limitations.

Rest in Peace Dennis!

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