Healthcare support for elders and seniors visiting Asheville, NC-Asheville travel companions

June 13, 2017 · · Caregiver, travel companion, Travel for elders · 0 Comments

Assisted Vacation is based in Asheville, NC and we warmly welcome senior and elder guests to our beautiful region! Our staff of healthcare professionals support visitors to Asheville who have healthcare limitations such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, limited mobility and medication management. We’re happy to make a visit to Asheville accessible to those who require health.

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Vacation for Seniors- Rest in Peace

June 11, 2015 · · Caregiver · 0 Comments

Sandra and Dennis were some of our first Assisted Vacation guests. They contacted us because they were having a family reunion at the beach and Dennis required some support to make the trip safe and enjoyable. We had a blast on that trip to the South Carolina shore and grew quite fond of the couple..

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Assisted Vacation- Welcome Corie Dean

March 23, 2015 · · Caregiver · 0 Comments

We are excited to welcome Corie Dean to our team at! Corie worked with us as an intern during her final semester of a Masters of Science in Gerontology degree and we are thrilled to have her now as a Project Manager. Corie is working on some innovative new programs to help more guests.

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To Family Caregivers

November 7, 2013 · · Caregiver, Elder Care, Support · 0 Comments

November is Family Caregiver Month As crumbling leaves sail on crisp gusts of wind in deciduous climes and as the anticipation of the joys and challenges of the holidays grows, let’s take a moment to honor the family caregiver. Worldwide, individuals who care for a loved-one are numerous, in the hundreds of millions. Family caregivers.

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Caregiver Respite

November 5, 2013 · · Caregiver, Quality of life, Support · 0 Comments

Several years ago, I was the nurse and healthcare coordinator at an Adult Day Service. It was during this time that I noticed how different caregivers experience respite. Respite is generally defined as a break from a routine. In the caregiver experience, this typically suggests a break from the daily tasks of caring for a.

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Sandwich Generation Caregivers

October 25, 2013 · · Assisted Vacation, Caregiver, Quality of life, Travel · 0 Comments

100 years apart Conflict is part of most families and some disharmony can even be beneficial. The significant needs of the very young and elderly within a family however can cause an excessive amount of strain as the decision-makers in a family must delicately allocate their resources of time, money and attention. A “Sandwich Generation”.

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