Thomas and our guest Jo enjoy a Pacific sunset.

Thomas and our guest Jo enjoy a Pacific sunset.

Building friendships on vacation-

As I recently worked on the details of an upcoming Assisted Vacation, I came across this photo from November, 2014 and recalled the lovely evening that Jo and I shared in Carpinteria, California.

Jo is a Canadian woman who has traveled with Assisted Vacation twice before and we are now preparing for our third trip. Jo is a big muscle car enthusiast, a sports buff, and a highly educated multi-linguist. Due to lifelong health conditions, she is unable to travel and do the things she wants to do on her own.

Our staff, myself included, have gotten to know Jo well and we have grown quite fond of her. She is passionate about travel and we are thrilled to be able to help her accomplish her goals. We’re looking forward to exploring the south western United States again with Jo in a few weeks!

During the Assisted Vacation planning process, we get to know our guests well and our vacations together often lead to friendships that are built on the shared experiences of travel. We are enthusiastic about helping individuals with physical or cognitive limitations benefit for the quality of life that travel enhances. We are also thankful for the friendships that are formed when traveling with our guests!

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