The mission of is simple: to improve the quality of life of its clients through supported vacation and travel.

Thomas P. Stern founded the organization in the United States after serving as a caregiver to the aged as a nurse at an Adult day care, as well as caring for his grandparents who both had Alzheimer’s disease. Through the course of these experiences, and after completing a Master’s degree in Health Care Management, he identified that many older individuals want to travel, but that certain health conditions make the reality of vacation daunting, or even impossible.

Thomas now directs from his home in Nice, France and the organization provides skilled, caring nurses to support elders and individuals with physical and/or cognitive limitations on vacation. The company has an extensive team of nurses throughout the United States and Europe who travel with clients to ensure that their vacation is both safe, and enjoyable.

Assisted Vacation services are all about the quality of life that clients seek. Certain health conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and immobility once meant that individuals and families had to sacrifice the quality of life that vacation and travel enhances. Now, individuals in older age can enjoy the respite of vacation with the support of a skilled and kind companion.

-Thomas has a passion for adventure, travel and for improving the quality of life of all people, in particular elders and family carers. He enjoys traveling with his family and has a deep and unfettered love for holiday.

Thomas P. Stern

Thomas P. Stern

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