A few weeks ago, I received a call from Sebastian. He contacted me because his elderly parents, Ellie and Peter, were declining in health and they needed to move (Names have been changed for privacy). Peter and Ellie live on the East coast and Peter, a World War II veteran, has limited mobility and COPD. Ellie had recently been diagnosed by a Memory Care physician with memory loss which is presumed to be early Alzheimer’s disease. Sebastian, their son, lives on the West coast and it had been decided that his parents would move into an Assisted Living Facility near his home.

According to AARP, the majority of us would rather age in place and remain in our home. Our home is familiar, the place where our memories and community provide stability and comfort. However, in this day-in-age with family caregivers and loved-ones often living distances apart, it is sometimes the best option to relocate to be close to those who care about us the most.

Sebastian contacted us at because he wanted a skilled professional to assist and support his parents on their flight west and to help them transition to their new home. The task of traveling with elderly loved-ones who have healthcare needs can be daunting. For instance, airlines have strict policies on the use of supplemental oxygen in-flight and navigating airports and organizing ground transportation for individuals with physical impairments can be challenging.

In the planning process, Sebastian and I decided to rent a van to take Ellie and Peter to an airport four hours from their home so that the flight west would be direct. Making tight connecting flights seemed best to avoid in this case and several calls were made to the airline to ensure that Peter’s oxygen delivery device met their standards. Because the flight was scheduled to arrive out west late in the day, we arraigned to stay in a hotel near the airport overnight to get a good night’s rest before moving Ellie and Peter into their new home at the Assisted Living Facility the next day.

At, we typically provide staff and planning services to help family caregivers and their loved-ones benefit from vacation. However, we were happy to help Sebastian plan his parents move west. We see that this service is one that many individuals could benefit from and our staff is particularly well-suited to assist with relocating elderly parents.

We will assist Ellie and Peter on their move next week. Check back in with us next weekend as we describe how the move went.

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