Julie Miller

We will all eventually encounter the multifarious emotions of dealing with our own mortality or that of a loved-one. The Kübler-Ross model, or the five stages of grief, is the series of emotional stages that someone experiences when faced with impending death. While the five stages of grief are a framework, each individual is unique and personal values and beliefs shape their transition from life to death.

At www.assistedvacation.com, we provide staff and planning services to enable family caregivers and their loved-ones to take vacation. Since the inception of our company, we have heard from more and more clients who are near the end of life who wish to take a final trip before transitioning. As each individual is different, some may wish to spend their final days at home with loved-ones and a vacation holds no appeal. However, others wish to revisit a favorite destination or experience a part of the world they have never seen while surrounded by those they love.

A skilled and caring support person can help families focus on the joys of a vacation by providing personal-care, medication management and logistical and emotional support. It is for theses reasons that the team at AssistedVacation.com is pleased to welcome Julie Miller to our organization.

Julie Miller has been an enthusiastic traveler for more than 50 years! After earning her Bachelors of Science in Nursing, she has worked over the past 3 decades in various nursing settings: public school, geriatric long term care, orthopedic rehab, and maternity. She also took some time to realize a dream of being an innkeeper at a bed & breakfast inn.

Over the past 10 years she has worked in hospice/end of life care.  She is keenly aware of the struggles individuals face by limitations imposed by their health conditions –along with the unique challenges of their caregivers and those in their support systems. Julie’s hobbies include enjoying nature, training for her first half-marathon race, entertaining, sports, travel, and driving on long road trips–especially if they lead to the beach!

Two common threads through Julie’s career and personal life are hospitality and encouraging/assisting people to celebrate and live every day to its fullest.  Assisted Vacations allows those threads, plus her nursing experience, to bring new possibilities of travel and enjoyment of life to you.

Welcome Julie!

The Assisted Vacation Team


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