Skype with Grandma

My wife and I are very fortunate to live in the same town as my parents, both of whom are “super-grandparents”, capable and trustworthy to watch our two young children. As retirees, they both enjoy traveling to visit their other grandkids and technology helps us stay connected in their absence.

My mother is a professional violinist and our kids enjoy listening to her practice. Recently, Nagymama (grandma in Hungarian) was out of town visiting one of my brothers and the kids missed seeing her each day. On a particularly cold and snowy day when cabin fever set in well before lunch, we called Nagymama on Skype and my son requested that she play him a tune. Fortunately, her violin was within reach and she helped brighten the otherwise dreary day with a piece from Bartók.

The myriad applications of technology can often be overwhelming to the aged yet the simplicity of video chatting through applications like Skype or FaceTime can help connect generations who today, more often than not, live distances apart. I have even used Skype in my professional practice to connect individuals with dementia and their loved-ones. Quality of life can be enhanced greatly by this simple act of communication.

Do you have and elderly loved-one who lives far away? Maybe they are somewhat isolated or perhaps they are even in an Assisted Living Facility. I encourage you to make an effort to enable them to utilize the internet to connect with you and their other friends and family. And while neither of you may be handy on the fiddle, the joy of connection will be felt on both ends.

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