Jéssica Villares Balsa

We are proud to welcome Jéssica Villares Balsa to our team at AssistedVacation.com! Jéssica has broad experience in health care and travel and we are excited to have her join us!

Jéssica Villares Balsa is a Registered Nurse and a graduate of the University of Santiago de Compostela where she finished 2nd in her class with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. She has extensive nursing experience in diverse disciplines such as; mental health, intensive care, orthopaedic surgery and trauma care.  With a passion for travel, Jéssica has visited numerous countries in Europe, Africa and has traveled throughout North America. Her mother tongues are Spanish and Galician and she is fluent in English as well. She is committed to her personal health as an athlete of several outdoor sports and she is dedicated to helping others improve their health as a nurse and a licensed masseuse and reflexologist. Jéssica has a passion for the ocean which began at her childhood village on the shore in Northwestern Spain and she enjoys spending time with her grandfather who lives close by.


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