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The Assisted Vacation Fund- 

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the inception of the “Assisted Vacation Fund”. The goal of The Assisted Vacation Fund is to provide Complimentary Assisted Vacations (AV) to low-income individuals who have limiting health issues. The mission of the AV Fund is the same as our core mission: to improve the quality of life of our guests.

Our company provides skilled, caring health care professionals and planning services to support our guests on holiday or travel. We plan person-centered vacations to fit the unique needs and wants of our guests. Our guests have been individuals with dementia, physical limitations, and complex medical conditions. AV team members provide nearly any level of medical support on vacation from personal care (ADL’s) to assistance with mobility and medication management.

The guests who have used our AV services tell us that their vacation improved their quality of life. In fact, 40% of our guests are return clients. Knowing the value of supported vacation, we formed the AV Fund in order to make AV services accessible to individuals who have limited means.

Through a combination of donated services and unique funding sources, we are thrilled to begin our push to make vacation an option for all! Our next step is to find potential guests who qualify for AV Fund services.

A call for submissions!

Do you know an individual who has a limiting health condition and limited income? Tell us about them. We will review all submissions for the AV Fund and once a guest is chosen by our selection committee, we will plan and manage the funding of their Assisted Vacation.

Maybe your neighbor is a family caregiver for a loved-one with Alzheimer’s disease. Perhaps a member of your congregation is a child with leukemia. Do you have a limiting health condition and no means to take a vacation?

To submit a nominee to the AV Fund, send us their name, contact information, and a brief bio of the individual who you think should be considered for a complimentary Assisted Vacation.

Deadline for submission- May 13th, 2015 No age limits, US residents only please.


Email thomas@assistedvacation.com  Subject: AV Fund


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Thank you!

Thomas P. Stern, MHS

President- AssistedVacation.com




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